Martin Financial Solutions


The goal of Martin Financial Solutions is to protect and maximize wealth through independent research and in-depth analysis.  Each investor client of Martin Financial Solutions has a separate account with a distinct account number.  Clients also have their own usernames and passwords to access their individual accounts held by a third-party custodian.  A newsletter called The Martin Letter is provided to do-it-yourself investors and managed money clients.  The Martin Letter highlights the research and analysis of Martin Financial Solutions, which is used to make trading decisions in-house.  The agenda of The Martin Letter is nothing but the truth, as seen by its author, Peter Martin.

A registered investment advisor representative in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Peter Martin advises investment portfolios for an international client base.   Having obtained his undergraduate degree in engineering with a concentration in economics at Harvey Mudd College, Mr. Martin chose to focus his engineering studies and research in the area of system dynamics.  Later, he also completed his MBA at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.  Among other licenses, he holds the Series 65 securities license.  Mr. Martin’s unique academic and research backgrounds qualify him as one of the very few economic prognosticators who is able to apply the system dynamics discipline to the realm of economic thought.  A student of economic and investment history as well as psychology, Mr. Martin’s distinctive analysis of the Long Wave Cycle allows him to act in a contrarian manner to protect and grow his clients’ portfolios.  A world traveler and visitor of multiple continents, Mr. Martin provides a newsletter that captures his thoughts on the global economy and its investment opportunities.  The Martin Letter provides Mr. Martin’s interpretation of the world’s present positioning in the Long Wave Cycle, and the impact this positioning has upon the performances of available investment vehicles.

Mr. Martin genuinely cares about his clients.  They are almost like family to him, and he is honored to have the responsibility of managing their wealth.  Early in his financial services career, he worked in a corporate office with some 80 other advisors.  At that time, Mr. Martin grew accustomed to the idea that financial services clients are sometimes treated like commission and fee generators.  But Mr. Martin believes that a client is a person with needs that must be addressed objectively, with caring and with heart, and without any bias toward revenue for Martin Financial Solutions.  Mr. Martin understands that a client receiving the utmost possible service becomes the most powerful advertising in existence for Martin Financial Solutions.